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A gorilla. Yes...

A gorilla. Yes, the symbol I have chosen to represent myself and accompany me in this new adventure is a gorilla. An animal that has always fascinated me from an early age, for its movements, its resemblance to human beings and its intense gaze.


It is a sensitive animal, intelligent and of unquestionable strength, but despite its size and imposing appearance, it is a peaceful and calm animal. He laughs, cries and exhibits surprisingly similar behavior to ours.


These characteristics also reflect mine very much, because the sensitivity that I have to express in designing my dishes, goes hand in hand with the great willpower that has accompanied me on my professional path and, today, leads me to face it with an immense joy in the heart, the realization of this new project. My dream. My home.


There is a time to have courage, strength and love for our work. There is a time… it is today.


Felice Lo Basso

Chef patron


Felice Lo Basso and Emiliana Ferraroni in 2016 founded FE fine dining Srl and opened two restaurants: Felix Lo Basso Restaurant in Milan in 2016 and Memorie di Felix Lo Basso Restaurant in Trani in 2018. Both restaurants soon received the prestigious recognition of the star Michelin.


In 2020 they design the new concept that opens at the end of October 2020 in Milan. It is an evolution of the way in which "fine dining" is used that comes from the creativity of the starred Chef Felice Lo Basso.

We could define it as a gourmet experience originating from the synergy between a Michelin-starred Chef and a business and marketing and retail professionist.


This synergy, between two excellences in their respective business areas, guarantees the quality of the service offered and unique and inimitable experiences, two worlds that by meeting have added a magical touch to their stories, rewriting the future and opening new perspectives in the fine dining proposal.


FE fine dining Srl services: consultancy for opening, running and managing catering activities; catering services for large events; events both in Italy and abroad.


FE fine dining Srl

Piazza Luigi di Savoia 2, 20124 Milan

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Chi siamo


TV From 14 September 2020, «Senti Chi Mangia», the innovative cooking show hosted by Benedetta Parodi, that tells in every episode an exciting challenge at the stove, is on air on La7. On her side Andrea Grignaffini, critic of Espresso - palate demanding and curious, and the starred Chefs Felix Lo Basso and Eugenio Boer.


Felice Lo Basso was born in Molfetta in 1973 and completed his apprenticeship in major gourmet restaurants in Italy and abroad. In 2011 he was awarded the prestigious Michelin star for the first time.

Equipped with a refined style, always at play between creativity and research, he makes quality and respect for raw materials his starting point.

His cuisine was born at the sea and developed in the mountains: the trait d'union is the search for quality products, the desire to experiment with formats and colors, to mix flavours.

In his restaurants Felice Lo Basso offers a high level cuisine, sophisticated in the preparation of the dishes but with strong anchors to tradition and italian raw materials. Intuition, imagination, innovation and creativity are the pillars of the food and wine proposal. Despite having traveled extensively and worked several years in South Tyrol, Felice Lo Basso has always kept Puglia strongly present in all the dishes of his professional career.

In 2016 Felix Lo Basso Restaurant opens in Milan, while in 2018 Memorie di Felix Lo Basso Restaurant comes to life in Trani. Both restaurants received the prestigious Michelin star award in a short time.

In 2020 Felice Lo Basso redesigns the concept of hospitality and opens the Felix Lo Basso Home & Restaurant in Milan.


Felice Lo Basso, Chef patron

Emiliana Ferraroni












Chef e Team



Felix Lo Basso Home&Restaurant is a house, you enter through the living room to get to the large kitchen. Chef Lo Basso has redesigned the concept of welcome and hospitality, thus promoting dialogue and a more meaningful experience for the customer.


The new concept of the Felix Lo Basso Home&Restaurant removes the barriers between the guest and the Chef Felice Lo Basso, encouraging conversation while his art is expressed by preparing and presenting a tasting menu in continuous evolution.

There are just 12 seats at the counter, arranged around the Chef Lo Basso's area of work that literally transforms his world into a stage.


An invitation for guests to become protagonists of the same scene in which the culinary show by Chef Felice Lo Basso takes place.

Each of his creations is designed to excite the senses by pushing the limits of what we can expect from food.


A tasting menu which changes every day according to the Chef's inspiration.

Foto FLB.jpg
Concept e menù


The experience we offer at Felix Lo Basso Home&Restaurant includes a surprise tasting itinerary at our convivial counter around the kitchen, served directly by Chef Lo Basso and his team.


A tasting menu that varies according to the season and the inspiration of the Chef.  


210 | Surprise route

tasting experience

drinks not included



  • Given the nature of the menu, our restaurant is not suitable for guests with intolerances or significant allergies, we ask you to contact us by email ( to check the possibility of changing part of the tasting itinerary.

  • Due to the type of experience expected and its duration, Felix Lo Basso Home&Restaurant is not the best restaurant for children under 10. 

  • The duration of the experience is variable because we try to adapt to the rhythm of the diners, but the minimum time is two hours.

  • We kindly ask you to come for dinner at the indicated time (h. 08:00 pm). In case you are late by half an hour or more, we will be obliged to shorten your menu, charging the same price.

  • We ask for a credit card to guarantee the reservation. In the event of a no-show or cancellation outside our cancellation policy, Felix Lo Basso Home&Restaurant will charge € 210 per guest.

  • For reservations over 4 guests a prepayment of € 210 per person is required.

CANCELLATION POLICY: cancellations or changes to the number of guests may be requested at least 48 hours prior to the reservation time only by email at the following email address:

After this deadline, any cancellation, no-show, or change to number of guests that results in fewer than booked for will entail a “no-show fee” of € 210 per person charged to your credit card.

Access by reservation only:






from tuesday to saturday for dinner:

08:00 pm (single time entry)

sunday and monday: closed

Recommended parking in the immediate vicinity:

Piazza Risorgimento Nord (access from Via Carlo Poerio)


Tel. +39 02 45409759

Cantina Soledì


cantina soledì.jpg
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FE fine dining Srl distributes in Italy the wines of the project Soledì.


At the Felix Lo Basso Home & Restaurant in Milan there is a cellar dedicated to Soledì where you can taste the wines NiK1 and Emiolé.

Soledì Sagl, based in Lugano, was founded in 2018 by the three brothers Ferraroni: Ivan, Corrado and Emiliana with the aim to carry out a project that would enhance their strong link and pay homage to the land where they grew up: the Canton of Ticino.


The wines of Soledì are born in the vineyard called Ronco, which is located on the right side of the Val delle Cognane (Canton Ticino), with a vineyard area of ​​3000 square meters that boasts over 50 years of age for half of the vineyard. The vineyard is terraced and is exposed south-south / west, with an extremely optimal orientation where the sun never fails.


Our two red wines are the very first tangible and concrete acts to feel united, and to make the most of this intention we let ourselves be accompanied by three protagonists from three different areas, which perfectly complete our project:


Giuliano Cormano (winemaker) , Emilio “Toto” Martinenghi (artist) whose works are reproduced on our labels and obviously Chef FELICE LO BASSO of the Felix Lo Basso Home & Restaurant in Milan (of which Emiliana Ferraroni is a business partner).

Felice's extraordinary talent in creating the best dining experience has led to the ideal balance between food and wine, devising the first pairing to best enhance the first NiK1 tasting experience. Continuing along this path, he continues to combine his dishes with both NiK1 and Emiolé.



Felix Lo Basso Home&Restaurant

Via Carlo Goldoni 36

20129 Milan


Tel. +39 02 45409759


Chef patron: Felice Lo Basso








from tuesday to saturday for dinner:

08:00 pm (single time entry)

sunday and monday: closed


Recommended parking in the immediate vicinity:

Piazza Risorgimento Nord (access from Via Carlo Poerio)



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FE fine dining Srl

Registered office: Piazza Luigi di Savoia 2

20124 Milan

VAT number 09495800964





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Via Campagna 2A,

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EF Events Srl

Piazza Luigi di Savoia, 2

20124 Milan


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